A carefully-honed selection of some of the most exciting recent Spanish films from a variety of genres reflecting the dynamism and creativity of Spanish Cinema today.

God give me patienceSeñor dame paciencia

Director - Álvaro Díaz Lorenzo

The barEl bar

Director - Álex de la Iglesia

May God save usQue Dios nos perdone

Director - Rodrigo Sorogoyen

To loveAmar

Director - Esteban Crespo

The furiesLas furias

Director - Miguel del Arco

ASFF Cares

Section that aims to use film as an advocacy tool to raise awareness and promote debate on human rights & social issues across the globe.

Argentina’s stolen childrenAlgo mío

Director - Jenny Hellmann and Regina Mennig


Director - Sebastián Borensztein

Born in SyriaNacido en Siria

Director - Hernán Zin

At your doorstepCerca de tu casa

Director - Eduard Cortés

Spanish Cinema Without Fear

A special film section which shows Spanish works that defy tradition, that have the courage to experiment with something beyond and on the periphery of the Spanish cinematographic industry.

The next skinLa próxima piel

Director - Isaki Lacuesta, Isa Campo


Director - Eduardo Casanova

Music Documentary

Documentaries will be accompanied by live performances related to the films.


Director - José Sánchez-Montes, Gervasio Iglesias

La Chana

Director - Lucija Stojevic

Treasures From the Past

A chance in our programme to re-discover forgotten gems of Spanish cinema.

Belle époque

Director - Fernando Trueba

Educational Programme

ASFF offers the very best in contemporary Spanish and Latin American cinema to schools and universities with the aim of introducing students to the language and cultures of these territories. SCHOOLS ASFF offers a selection of films for school audiences, from elementary to high school. A programme of two films, accompanied by educational records, is offered to teachers of the schools. The sessions will take place in the morning.


Director - Ignacio Ferreras

Snowflake, the white gorilaCopito de nieve

Director - Andrés G. Schaer