Confirmed Guests

Candela Peña

Candela Peña (Gavá, Barcelona, 1975) is an Spanish actress. She’s worked with some of the […]

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Ainhoa Rodríguez

Ainhoa Rodríguez is a film director, producer and scriptwriter. Her opera prima is the feature […]

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2019 on images

“Any festival like ASFF’s that showcases Spanish talent and films is incredibly important and something that needs to be supported.”

Peter Greenaway

“I'm so happy to be at ASFF. The fact that my film has been selected for this festival, it will be a great push for the release in the Netherlands.”

Julio Medem

“I feel grateful to the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival team. Their enthusiastic and confident attitude to deliver good results is very special.”

Álex de la Iglesia

“Thank you for bringing me to this awesome festival. (...) I'm delighted to bring a film to the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival and meet fellow professionals.”

Paco León

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