Cast: Oscar Martínez, Santiago Segura.
2018 / Argentina / 84mins
Spanish, English subt

When Leonor arrives at the architecture studio “Borla and Associates” looking for Nelson Jara (Oscar Martínez), Mario Borla (Santiago Segura), Marta Hovart (Soledad Villamil) and Pablo Simo (Joaquín Furriel) claim to ignore the name completely. But they’re all lying. The truth begins to unfold through the memories of Pablo Simó. But the fear and nervousness of the three architects about the arrival of Leonor and his question “What happened to Nelson Jara? evidence something much darker and much more suspicious than what you can see at first glance.

Starring Oscar Martínez (The Distinguished Citizen), Soledad Villamil (The Secret in their Eyes), Santiago Segura (popular in Spain for his pentalogy film series Torrente) and Joaquín Furriel, among others.