Programme: GOING BACK TO THE GOLDEN AGE. Portraying Spanish masters on the canvas in motion

DIR: Víctor Erice
Drama, Fantasy
1973 | Spain | 98 min | 35mm
O.V Spanish with English subtitles

This beautiful poetical and political fable captivated at the 1973 San Sebastian International Film Festival, at which it won the Golden Seashell for Best Film. Subsequently presented at the Chicago, London, Melbourne, Paris, Cannes, Los Angeles, New York, Mexico, Turin and Calcutta festivals, among others, it has received countless eulogies from the critics.

In 1940, and after watching and being traumatised by the movie Frankenstein (1931), a sensitive seven-year-old girl living in a small Spanish village drifts into her own fantasy world as she believes she has finally met the monster of her nightmares.

20:00 | El espíritu de la colmena (Víctor Erice, 1973) Introduction and Q&A with the director