Pepino Marino and Crawford is an artistic couple who due to their job, is very vinculated to the world of films, music, and fashion.

For more than ten years, they have worked as chroniclers and DJs in the biggest social and cultural events in our country. Also, by being two of them, their interests and backgrounds duplicate to the degree that their range of references is very broad, from national icons such as Sara Montiel to the most revolutionary photographers such as Miles Aldridge.

Since their foundation, they’ve worked on the website, where, through their personal perspectives, they tell us in detail about the most important cinematographic releases and parties happening in Madrid. Simultaneously, they combine those activities with playing music in the main Spanish halls or in Versés, their own party, as well as in parties such as the Goya Awards or fashion events for firms like L´Ôréal, Vogue, Polaroid, El Corte Inglés, or Sensilis. Also, they’ve showed themselves in television and radio for shows such as “Alaska y Segura” in TVE.

To reach where they are, they have come a long way in which they have worked as official photographers and chroniclers for the main film festivals in Spain, such as the Festival de Málaga or the Mostra de Valencia. Likewise, they have collaborated with some of the best artists in this country such as Carlos Saura, for whom Pepino made the photographs for his “Flamenco Hoy” show. They have also worked with some of the principal editorial magazines like Vanidad, Vogue, V Magazine, Candy, making photographs and exclusive interviews to popular figures such as Alaska, David Delfín, Sara Montiel, or La Terremoto de Alcorcón.

All these works have made Pepino Marino and Crawford very active on their social medias, like Twitter or Instagram, which has led them to work with brands like Levi´s, Moet & Chandon, Nike, Safilo, Adidas, Vans, Sony, Reebok, El Corte Inglés, Emporio Armani, or the Hotel Barceló Torre de Madrid. From the last two firms mentioned, they have been the image since 2017.