DIR: Denny Brechner, Alfonso Guerrero, Marcos Hecht
Cast: Denny Brechner, Talma Friedler
2017 / Uruguay /75 mins
Spanish with English subt.

The first mockumentary comedy film ever made about the world of legal marijuana, journeying into politics with a lot of humour.                                          

A fake Uruguayan Chamber of Legal Marijuana travels to Denver, NY and DC to find 50 tonnes of cannabis to supply to the country of Uruguay. President Jose Mujica is the leader of the mission. Uruguay attained world notoriety for being the first country to fully legalise marijuana, however there was no marijuana to supply themselves with. In GET THE WEED, the Uruguayan Chamber travels to the United States on an unofficial mission to find cannabis to supply to its country.

*SPECIAL EVENT: Uruguayan wine will be served after the première at the beautiful VIP room at Pathé Tuschinski, courtesy of the Uruguayan Embassy.