Core Program

A carefully-honed selection of some of the most exciting recent Spanish films from a variety of genres, reflecting the dynamism and creativity of Spanish Cinema today.

El aviso
The Warning

Director - Daniel Calparsoro

No sé decir adiós
Can’t Say Goodbye

Director - Lino Escalera

El autor
The Motive

Director - Manuel Martín Cuenca

Loving Pablo

Director - Fernando León de Aranoa | OPENING FILM

Spain Laughs

This new film section will offer you an opportunity to discover the most eccentric, surrealist and funny moments on Spanish Cinema.

Perfectos desconocidos
Perfect Strangers

Director - Álex de la Iglesia | CLOSING FILM

Sin rodeos
No Filter

Director - Santiago Segura

La tribu
The Tribe

Director - Fernando Colomo

Focus Argentino

A showcase that will give you a glimpse into Argentinian Cinema.

El futuro que viene
The Future Ahead

Director - Constanza Novick

Las grietas de Jara
A Crack in the Wall

Director - Nicolás Gil Lavedra

Nadie nos mira
Nobody’s Watching

Director - Julia Solomonoff

Spanish Cinema Without Fear

A special film section which shows Spanish works that defy tradition and have the courage to experiment with something beyond and on the periphery of the Spanish cinematographic industry.

Verano 1993
Summer 1993

Director - Carla Simón


Director - Adrián Orr

Júlia ist

Director - Elena Martín

Music Documentary

Documentaries will be accompanied by live performances related to the films.

Alejandro Sanz, a Latin Star

Director - Óscar García Blesa, Mercedes Cantero, Alexis Morante, Gervasio Iglesias

Spain Meets: Japan!

Spain meets Japan through an exceptional culinary experience.


Director - Ángel Parra, José Antonio Blanco

Treasure from the Past

A chance in our program to re-discover forgotten gems of Spanish Cinema.


Director - Vicente Aranda

Educational Program

ASFF offers the very best in contemporary Spanish and Latin American Cinema to schools and universities with the aim of introducing students to the language and cultures of these territories. ASFF offers a selection of films for school audiences, from elementary to high school. A program of two films, accompanied by educational records, is offered to teachers.